Main fishing gear equipment, carbon products equipment, golf equipment, trekking poles, ski poles and other sports equipment equipment

Double-Sided Stripping Machine

The application of the frequency converter avoids the phenomenon of belt breakage when picking up the belt. The design of dual inverter and single control is more economical.


Threading Machine

Two pitches are available. 32000 rpm high-speed whirl head, milling thread is smooth and precise.


Trimming Machine

The grinding head adopts the diamond sandblasting welding process, which is more wear-resistant and lasts longer.


Grinding Machine

This machine is a necessary equipment for the production of high-grade fishing rods, with high precision, indicating accuracy of 0.01, smooth grinding mouth and no burrs.


Grooving Machine

The grooving machine is used for grinding the anti-lock groove at the tail of the fishing rod. It adopts centerless grinding, which is convenient and quick to set the knife. The micrometer positioning is accurate to 0.01mm, the size is stable, one-time forming, and high efficiency. The width and position of the slot can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the guide rail adopts stepless speed change, which can be adjusted to suit various rod types.


Fishing Tester

The equipment is controlled by a microcomputer, and the rotation angle and height of the fishing rod are manually controlled, and the real-time measurement value is displayed on the touch screen.

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