Main fishing gear equipment, carbon products equipment, golf equipment, trekking poles, ski poles and other sports equipment equipment

Short Roller Horizontal Winding Machine

Short roller horizontal shaft of wrapping machine is suitable for almost all fishing rod, golf rod, sticks, ski pole of OPP tape winding, spindle infinitely variable speed design, should have a wide range, automatic tension control, constant with distance control, with the function of downtime, PLC control, reduce the equipment failure, greatly improved the production efficiency, guarantee the product quality is stable.


Long Roller Horizontal Belt Winding Machine

Suitable for thin rods composites OPP tape winding, spindle design of CVT, tension with constant tension and constant distance, from design, PLC control, touch screen display Settings, strip break down function, simple operation,


Roller Automatic Elevating Tape Wrapping Machine

It is suitable for the winding of slender rod-shaped composite material OPP belt, the spindle is designed with infinitely variable speed, the tension is constant tension, constant belt distance, variable belt distance design, PLC control, touch screen display setting, belt break stop function, easy operation, failure rate low, greatly improving production efficiency and ensuring product quality.


Carbon Fiber Pipe Lightweight Tape Wrapping Machine

It is designed for medium-diameter and long pipes, and the main shaft is designed with continuously variable speed. The quality of the product is stable.


Double Head Horizontal Ribbon Winding Machine

All moving sliding plates adopt linear guide rail, which makes each structure more stable. The roller part is made of carbon fiber composite material, light weight, small rotational inertia, no damage to the rod, more suitable for elongated rod. Double - headed design, so that the output is doubled. The equipment is suitable FOR long rod body and single rod body. It is convenient and safe for workers to operate, and the straightness of rod body is guaranteed.


TOWER Rod Winding Machine

The main parameters: 1. Maximum diameter of wrapping rod: Φ30mm 2. Maximum wrapping length: 3000mm 3. Tension control: manual 4. Power: 7KW


Horizontal Vertical Wrapping Machine

Suitable for winding of thick rod joint OPP tape. Using high-performance permanent magnet synchronous motor, self-centering structure, precision transmission structure, effectively improve the stability of mechanical transmission, ensure the uniformity of rod body distance.


Vertical Tape Wrapping Machine

It is suitable for the winding of thicker rod section OPP tape. The high-performance permanent magnet synchronous motor and precise transmission structure effectively improve the stability of the mechanical transmission and ensure the uniformity of the rod body belt distance.


Carbon Fiber Pipe Heavy Duty Tape Wrapping Machine

The carbon fiber pipe wrapping machine is a device mainly designed for the winding of longer and thicker composite pipes. It has two wrapping modes, which can be selected at will. The rear thimble design makes the mold positioning more precise and the tape more stable. There are two options of pneumatic chuck and manual chuck.

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