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Double-Sided Water Curtain Cabinet

The interior of the double-sided water curtain cabinet spray booth is made of stainless steel water curtain board. The structure of the water curtain board is reasonably designed to ensure the indoor airflow speed and improve the coating rate and residual paint capture rate. And make the water curtain layer uniform, continuous, reliable, without interruption and without splashing. The scroll device can purify the environment and easily and effectively solve the problem of cleaning and preservation of paint residue on the board, especially convenient for maintenance.


Stainless Steel Water Curtain Cabinet

Pure stainless steel design, screw, rivet type links, eliminating the need for welding scars left by welding, the overall more atmospheric and beautiful. The double-pump water supply increases the surface water volume of the single-sided curtain wall and ensures that the paint will not stick to the curtain wall.


Coating Tape Winding Machine

The main parameters: 1. Control mode: servo drive 2. Power: 800W 3. Power supply: 220V 50Hz 4. Air source: 0.3~0.6Mpa 5. Dimensions: 2400 x 930 x 1150mm


Automatic Paint Sprayer

Microcomputer control, multi-gun design, multi-section and multi-color spraying at the same time. The application of stepper motor has high spraying precision and more stable spraying. Various spray modes are available.


Road Epoxy Car

High-strength stamped sheet galvanized sheet + anti-aging silicone flower pad is durable, and can be automatically stopped at regular intervals after starting.


Automatic Epoxy Car

The thick epoxy paint cures evenly, the height and width of the bracket are adjustable, and it is suitable for fishing rods of various diameters. At the same time, it has the function of timing automatic stop.

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