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Large Sheet Automatic Cloth Cutter

The equipment adopts PLC microcomputer control + touch screen operation, simple and easy to use. The servo motor automatically feeds the material, the cutting value is more accurate, from the top to the finished product can be finished by one person independently.


45° Automatic Cloth Cutting Machine

The equipment adopts PLC programmable controller + touch screen operation, and the cutting angle is adjustable from 0 to 45°. The swing angle and feeding are controlled by servo motors, and the transmission adopts high-efficiency ball screws. The cutting size is accurate and the transmission is stable.


Small Sheet Multi-Angle Automatic Cutting Machine

The traditional small piece of cloth cutting is very labor-intensive and time-consuming, requiring 2 people to determine the length and cutting multiple times, and the safety is relatively poor. On the contrary, this equipment only needs you to place the shaped large piece of cloth on the table, and according to the processing requirements, it is Input the big end size, small end size, length size and cutting quantity on the touch screen, press the start button to automatically cut the whole piece of cloth, or you can cut 2 types of small cloth on a piece of cloth according to your requirements.


Large Sheet Laminating Machine

The crawler-type feeding design can make the finished fabric without air bubbles and wrinkle in the fabric. It is also a flow-type working line that feeds the material at one end and outputs the finished product at the other end, which is suitable for the bonding of bundles of fabrics.


Small Zhang Laminating Machine

The crawler-type feeding design is also adopted, which achieves all the advantages of the large sheet attachment machine, but due to the limitation of size, the small sheet attachment machine is more suitable for the bonding of small sheets of finished fabrics.


Pressure Machine

The heated aluminum plate is used to paste the cloth, which can be heated evenly, and multiple groups of thick cloth can be glued at one time.

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