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Abrasive Belt Water Mill

The abrasive belt water mill is mainly used for polishing the surface of the rod body. This machine is improved on the basis of the first generation water mill. The internal structure of guide wheel and abrasive belt wheel adopts labyrinth waterproof. All shafts are heat treated and tempered HRC30. Effectively reduce noise, extend bearing service life and reduce maintenance costs. The rotation of the guide wheel is driven by a toothed belt to reduce noise, increase the service life and the precision of rotation.


Pneumatic Water Mill

The pneumatic water mill abrasive belt adopts the air expansion function to ensure the uniformity of the force of the abrasive belt. The guide wheel drive of the pneumatic water mill is driven by a synchronous permanent magnet motor, which improves the precision of the drive. The pressure is controlled by air pressure, the pressure is stable and adjustable, and it can be positioned for grinding. Suitable for grinding carbon rods. The internal structure update effectively reduces noise, prolongs the service life of bearings, reduces maintenance costs and saves maintenance time.


Automatic Water Mill

Combination parameters of feeding device, pneumatic water mill, and feeding device 1. Maximum grinding rod diameter: Φ60mm 2. Power: 2KW 3. Power supply: 380V 50Hz 4. Air source: 0.2~0.6MPa 5. Dimensions: 4360 x 1250 x 1550 mm


Fishing Rod Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

It can quickly and thoroughly remove all kinds of dirt on the surface of the workpiece; it can clean precision parts with complex shapes such as cavities and grooves; it does not damage the surface of the workpiece; various cleaning agents can be used; the integrated structure of the whole machine is easy to move;

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