Main fishing gear equipment, carbon products equipment, golf equipment, trekking poles, ski poles and other sports equipment equipment

Weihai Jintai Machinery Factory is located in Weihai, the most suitable seaside city for human habitation. It is an enterprise that mainly produces fishing gear manufacturing equipment, carbon fiber manufacturing equipment, and outdoor sports equipment manufacturing equipment such as golf and trekking poles.

The company is one of the early domestic manufacturers engaged in the production of fishing rod molds and equipment, has many years of production experience, has a large number of high-quality professionals, strong technical force, formed a self-developed, well-designed, processing and manufacturing, post-service, etc. One-stop service. Among them, the company's independent research and development of the production line in the industry leading position, to meet the industry's various types of carbon fiber pipe products production technology requirements. Our company can also design and manufacture special equipment according to different products and customers' requirements to meet customers' production requirements and satisfy customers. It is the preferred cooperation unit for fishing equipment, golf clubs and various carbon fiber pipe manufacturers.

The company will continue to uphold the spirit of continuous innovation, with superb technology, superior quality, value and reasonable price for you to provide the best products and the most complete post-production services, sincerely welcome to discuss cooperation.