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What are the characteristics of winding machine? How to perform maintenance? Let's take a look

 What are the characteristics of winding machine? How to perform maintenance? Let's take a look



The winding machine successfully completes the online high-speed unattended automatic packaging process, effectively saves manpower and revolutionizes the power. This is the inevitable trend of packaging development, but also in line with the direction of China's economic structure from labor intensive to skill intensive change. So what are the characteristics of winding machine? Let's go and have a look with the winding machine manufacturer.

Five characteristics of winding machine

1. Skill: the use of dense placement, so that the equipment space than the traditional way to save more than 50%.

2. Reliability: special film clamping method to ensure the reliability of the front and rear trays to reach 100%.

3. Welding of the end of the lamination: the end of the packaging is completely gone, so there will be no rated disturbance caused by the surrounding packaging when transported into the active bin. The blowing equipment will be installed to insert the lamination of the head into the lamination.

4. Installation of active mobile devices: to meet the free choice of different specifications of goods on the packaging line, the same product has perfect packaging function.

5. High power: packing power reaches more than 60 pieces/hour.

How to maintain the winding machine?

Winding machine occupies a large scale in industrial equipment, so how to maintain after use?

One point: non-automatic tray winding machine lubrication should pay attention to, do not drop oil on the belt, otherwise it will damage the belt or make the object slip.

The second point: reducer is an important part of the winding machine, so the lubrication of reducer is particularly important. The interior should be cleaned and replaced with new oil 13 days after the first use, and then the oil should be changed every three months or so without delay or carelessness.

Third point: winding machine lubrication including gear, bearing and often moving parts, these parts need lubrication every day, especially for long-term continuous work to meet the requirements of large equipment winding machine maintenance.

As long as the winding machine is well maintained after use, the service life of the machine can be extended and the normal work can be maintained. However, for some small businesses, the price of the winding machine is not cheap. Therefore, labor efforts can save production costs in disguise, and continuous work can bring more benefits to enterprises.

So winding machine is also called coating machine. It can meet the packaging requirements of container storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading of goods. It is widely used in the container cost of foreign trade, food and beverage, irrigation, paper making, dye, plastic chemical, glass ceramics, mechanical and electrical castings and other products. Improve production efficiency, prevent the goods from being damaged in the process of transportation, and play the role of dustproof, moisture-proof and cleaning.

Winding machine is suitable for bulk cargo container transport and bulk pallets packaging. The winding machine is widely used in glass products, hardware tools, electronic appliances, papermaking, ceramics, chemical, food, beverage, building materials and other industries. It can improve the efficiency of logistics, reduce the loss in the transportation process, programmable controller control, adjustable winding layers and times, automatic sensing of the height of goods, winding reinforcement and rotary table automatic reset. It is dust and moisture resistant, and can reduce the cost of packaging. It is an ideal choice to improve the grade of product packaging.


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