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What is indoor golf simulation equipment

Indoor analog golf equipment generally includes: software, sensors, putter systems, projectors, curtains, transmission lines and other display systems.


1. Golf equipment software - Software is the demonstration screen of the simulator, generally including course mode, practice mode, teaching mode, event mode and entertainment mode. These models mainly meet the needs of golf enthusiasts. Whether the software can actually see the details.

2, golf equipment sensor - sensor is mainly used to collect swing data, accuracy and stability is its very important standards. Currently, the better sensors on the market are high-speed camera sensors. A very important indication of a high speed camera sensor is whether it can detect rotation.

3, golf equipment putter system - putter system mainly realizes the simulation of putter and short rod. A typical 18-hole PAR is 72, 36 of which are putts. There is a saying in the golf industry that "the swing and putter are the keys to winning". This also fully illustrates the significance of improving putter for improving golf technique. Therefore, a good simulator golf equipment must be able to push the putter into the hole on the spot. In this way, players can really improve their skills through years of practice.

4, others - projector, screen, transmission line and other display systems; Host, cabinet, external comfortable operating system, etc.; There are also some functional modules, such as karaoke, movies, HDTV, etc., which can enrich the function of the golf equipment of the simulator, meet the needs of different family members, and improve the efficiency of the simulator installation space.

Some people say that sports belong outdoors, but sports can also belong indoors, including indoor basketball, indoor soccer and indoor golf.

Novice indoor golf should pay attention to the following golf equipment:

First, before kick-off:

1. Slow upstroke and fast downstroke, that is, after the court mode is set and before the tee, note that the serve power actually comes from the delay. When two hands guide the club down, the speed is transferred to power by delaying the stroke;

2, hands position is correct, shoulders are high enough and straight, to ensure that there is enough space to pass the ball;

Second, prepare

1. Stay on the tee, focus, don't get distracted, and don't think about the outcome if the ball goes into the long grass. It's just a game;

2, can make the swing more powerful, gain distance advantage;

3, in fact, a shot is not life and death, so go all out;

Three, golf equipment measurement around the ups and downs:

1. Don't surround your body 100% when you kick off. It only needs about 90% of the surround.

2. Teeing off on the tee wood (1-wood) shows that you are determined and therefore there is no need to take risks.

3. It is wise to save effort to control the shot. Hitting the ball in a controlled way ensures balance, which is one of the keys to controlling power.

4. Real power comes from a smooth turn, good balance and rhythm. The rest of the work is left to golf club face Angle, landing Angle and club face.

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What is indoor golf simulation equipment

Indoor analog golf equipment generally includes: software, sensors, putter systems, projectors, curtains, transmission lines and other display systems.

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