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Features of Golf Mould

The characteristics of the golf mold

Golf mold also refers to the golf simulator, the following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of golf mold:

1. High-definition pictures, spherical flight Angle of view.

2, rainy days, there is movement with a reflection of the water.

3. Friendly user interface.

4. Annual international events.

5. The names of the stars who won the championship.


Mould for golf

6, high speed camera real shooting technology, thousands of photos per second, putt and swing true and accurate.

7, 160 World Tour courses library, including European Tour, PGA Tour, Ryder Cup and other championship courses.

8. Only equipment that can detect both clubface and fly ball data, including: the opening and closing of the clubface when the club touches the ball, and key data of the swing trajectory from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside.

9. Digital comprehensive teaching and analysis platform: The digital comprehensive platform integrates more advanced swing process data analysis, club head analysis, club selection analysis, golf ball selection comparative analysis and other functions in addition to the traditional shot and flight data measurement functions. Comparing and analyzing the player's actions and so on can really improve the game while having fun.

10. Various modes are available: driving range mode, putting practice mode, course mode, match mode, match mode, etc.

11, Multi-language configuration: Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese and other more than 20 languages free choice.

Golf is a green sport, but because the golf course covers a wide area, subject to certain control, while the golf simulator occupies a small area, it is through computer technology simulation of real golf projection into a set of software, and then output, can also be used to simulate golf - golf mold. With real golf balls and clubs, you can still enjoy golf.

The common golf simulators on the market are infrared sensors, radar sensors, high-speed camera sensors, etc. The infrared sensor is more common on the market, and the high-speed camera sensor is more accurate. Appears to be using a high-speed camera sensor.

Photoelectric sensor for indoor golf mold

Photoelectric sensors on indoor golf courses are controlled by converting changes in light intensity into changes in electrical signals.

Photodetectors can be divided into two types according to the different response modes of devices to radiation or the different working mechanisms of devices: one is photon detectors; One is a photon detector; The other is a heat detector. Photodetectors work on the basis of the photoelectric effect. Thermal detectors are based on materials that absorb energy from light radiation and then rise in temperature, changing their electrical properties.

Radar detectors are electronic devices that use electromagnetic waves to detect objects. It transmits electromagnetic waves to irradiate the target and receives its echo, so as to obtain the distance from the target to the electromagnetic wave transmitting point, the rate of change of the distance (radial velocity), azimuth Angle and height, and other information. The concept of radar was formed in the early 20th century. Electronic equipment used for radio detection and ranging. The specific uses and structures of various radars vary, but the basic form is the same, including: transmitter, transmit antenna, receiver, receive antenna, processing part and display. There are power supply equipment, data recording equipment, anti-interference equipment and other auxiliary equipment.

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Stents are widely used in work and life, such as camera tripods and heart stents used in the medical field. However, an injection mold is used in the manufacturing process of the scaffold, and after injection molding, a demoulding mechanism is used to separate the material from the injection mold. However, the general demoulding mechanism has some disadvantages in use. The general demoulding mechanism is not convenient to eject the material in the injection mold of different brackets.

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What is indoor golf simulation equipment

Indoor analog golf equipment generally includes: software, sensors, putter systems, projectors, curtains, transmission lines and other display systems.

Golf mold composition and principle

Indoor golf mold is mainly composed of golf flight parameters measurement part and golf course three-dimensional simulation display part. The golf mold - the measuring part of the technical parameters of the golf ball flight is composed of a two-channel measuring control device and a central controller of the computer system. The two parts are grouped together into a golf measurement section,

Features of Golf Mould

The characteristics of the golf mold Golf mold also refers to the golf simulator, the following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of golf mold:

Structure and composition of stripper

Mold is refers to by injection, blow molding, extrusion, smelting, casting or forging forming, stamping, stretching method to get the desired product, such as stripper in industry production of various molds and tools, in a nutshell, mold consists of various components, different mould made up of different parts, so, the following together to understand the structure and composition of stripper!