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How to transport and install the winding machine? The reason for the poor results?

 How to transport and install the winding machine? The reason for the poor results?



This is the age of the Internet, and the whole country and the whole world are reaching out in all directions through the Internet. Now online shopping has become a trend, we can buy things from various places through the Internet. This kind of transportation has become a big problem, so we need how to transport the winding machine safely.

How is the winding machine transported?

1. The packaging of the motor and other parts should be waterproof and dustproof.

The packing machine is film packaging in transportation, which will be damaged after friction and collision. Once the film is damaged, it will leak water and dust, seriously affecting the quality of equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the integrity of the packaging of motor and other components.

2. The pad between the post and the turntable

The winding packaging machine places the column on the turntable when transporting goods, but in order to reduce the problem of column fading caused by friction during transportation, it is necessary to pave the way between the column and the turntable when packing.

3. Safety issues during loading and unloading

Due to the large volume of winding packaging machine, many ordinary manpower or small forklifts can complete the loading and unloading work, so users should pay special attention to safety when loading and unloading goods without electric forklifts.

The winding machine can improve the production efficiency, prevent the goods from being damaged in the process of transportation, and play the role of dustproof, moisture-proof and cleaning. It can carry out various process requirements of winding and packaging operations, and automatic film breaking. Before use, we need to install the automatic winding machine.

The six installation steps of the winding machine:

1. For the newly purchased winding machine, check whether the machine, spare parts, and accessories listed in the packing list are complete, and check whether the machine is damaged.

2. Look carefully at the model you bought to see if the label is damaged.

3. Open the packing case according to the specified position to avoid damage to the automatic winding machine.

4. The winding machine should be installed in the environment without dust, inflammable and explosive chemicals and other corrosive substances. It is not suitable for humid environment. The best is a cool, dry indoor environment with temperatures ranging from -10 to 40.

5. Read the attached manual of automatic winding machine in detail to understand the matters needing attention in installation, debugging and use.

6. Before the winding machine leaves the factory, the chain and reducer have been lubricated or oiled. Please confirm before running.

In THE process OF wrapping WITH the winding machine, the winding effect is not good, the winding film is not bonded, the winding film is not only broken, but also broken. There are two reasons for this failure: poor quality of packing materials and improper adjustment of winding packing machine.

1. The quality of the packaging film: the quality of the stretch film mainly includes the stretching rate of the stretching machine, the viscosity, the stretching direction of the stretch film, etc., which affect the effect of the stretch film of the packaging machine in the process of wrapping. Therefore, in the purchase of stretch film, pay attention to the use of stretch film and packaging film packaging requirements, so that businesses recommend the appropriate thickness and tensile rate of the packaging film.

2. The automatic winding machine itself can adjust the tensile strength. The tensile film strength can be automatically adjusted on the control panel, convenient and fast, and different tensile strength can be adjusted according to the needs of different products.


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