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Some trouble problems of winding machine and their solutions

Some trouble problems of winding machine and their solutions



Fully automatic winding machine can meet the efficient operation of enterprises, is a good solution to improve the follow-up packaging efficiency. The automatic winding machine has higher technical content than the ordinary winding machine. The quality of winding machine is very stable, but there will be some simple failures in long-term use. We can't delay the daily production efficiency because of some simple failures. However, there are still many customers do not know the solution of automatic winding machine failure. The following can be with Xiaobian to have a look.

Automatic winding machine several fault solutions:

1. Winding machine does not respond when started. This is to check whether the external power supply is connected, and then send; Secondly, whether the internal power is connected or not, open the power switch with the key, and then turn off the switch in the distribution cabinet.

2. Winding machine turntable does not rotate. Can check whether the converter is burned, if there is no display, need to replace; If the parameters of the frequency converter are incorrectly set, reset them. Then, check if the turntable chain is broken. If a problem is found, connect or replace the chain.

3. The rotary table of the fully automatic winding machine runs continuously. First check whether the DIP switch is damaged, and check whether the position near the switch at the bottom of the machine is damaged. If yes, replace it.

4. Inverter displays overload alarm. The operator needs to check whether the voltage is stable. If not, they need to improve power quality or adjust frequency conversion acceleration and deceleration times.

When we use the winding machine, sometimes we will find that the winding machine is deformed. What happened? The material used in the winding machine is not easy to deform. I use it a little more, but not a lot. Why does it change shape?

1. There is a problem with the placement of the winding machine, and the uneven ground will cause the deformation of the turntable. Uneven places will not only cause the turntable to deform, but also affect the service life of the machine, causing too many faults.

2. It depends on where the object is placed, which causes the object's center of gravity to shift. If the center of gravity of the cargo is offset, it will certainly cause uneven force on the nylon roller during rotation, resulting in long deformation of the turntable.

3. It is related to the nylon roller under the tray of the winding machine, which may be because it is too little or worn. We know that the radial nylon roller under the tray of the winding machine mainly plays the role of supporting the turntable, so this aspect can not be careless. But some customers in order to save costs, reduce the number of nylon roller, in the process of long-term use of winding machine will appear defects, resulting in the late use of equipment failure rate increased.

4. The turntable cover is too thin. We just need to replace the cover of the winding machine turntable. The price is not expensive. Customers should never bother to do it.

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