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The maintenance method of glue dipping machine

Whatever the proper maintenance of production equipment to improve its service life and practicability, and the coating machine is used by dispensing link a dispensing equipment, if not for the regular maintenance work is easy to affect the subsequent dispensing effect and the normal use of glue machine daily maintenance main effect is stable equipment for production.



Add oil to glue dipping machine

To guarantee the normal work of the rubber machine daily environment, ideal work environment should be clean and cool and dry, and there is no direct sunlight, if dust in the working environment is more, the long-term accumulation is easy to affect the execution system of glue machine fluency, so want to check whether execution of bearing parts have dust accumulation effect dispensing fluency, According to the actual situation, lubricating oil can be added to the part of the three-axis dispensing bearing.

Glue dipping machine glue cleaning

During normal operation there may be a part of the glue residue on surface of workbench, this belongs to the category of rubber machine daily maintenance implementation, if found to have residual glue to remove immediately, to avoid this part of the glue affect the follow-up work, if there is a dust them with a clean cloth to remove dirt, maintenance is not white do, is to be able to stable dispensing effect.

Dip glue machine glue bubble

Operators to understand the glue machine use points to improve work efficiency, glue in this machine after use to separate deposit, deposit cannot be mixed with the original glue, guarantee without the sun kept at room temperature, and to guarantee the sealing of the storage of tools to avoid air bubbles mixed with glue, directly affect the bonding strength and effect, Daily maintenance is only to prevent the occurrence of dispensing problems, in order to have a smooth output environment.

Daily maintenance operation of glue dipping machine

The immersion machine has a great impact on the needle after performing high-intensity work, so it is necessary to check. If the needle tip is found to be worn, a new dispensing needle can be replaced. In fact, the daily maintenance of the glue immersion machine is not difficult, but more troublesome. It often needs to replace accessories or add lubricating oil. Each joint of the machine and equipment will produce friction, which is easy to lead to the glue offset in a long time.


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