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What is the glue dipping machine like? How to carry out maintenance?

What is the glue dipping machine like? How to carry out maintenance?

In fact, we often encounter glue dipping machine in real life, but we never carefully understand it. Let's learn about the glue dipping machine.



Dipping machine is also known as conformal coating, scraping machine, automatic spraying machine, etc. A mechanical device used mainly for coating liquid glue on the surface of textiles, cartons or leather. There are many types of existing gluing machine, such as drum gluing machine, double acting gluing machine, double station lifting gluing machine and so on. Conformal coatings spray a liquid such as glue or paint onto the desired product through air pressure. The equipment adopts three axis linkage, automatic operation, and equipped with computer programming control path spraying. Spraying thickness and time can be set, easy to operate.

Dipping machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used for coating the surface of textile. There are mainly

(1) horizontal gluing machine or double acting gluing machine. The textile is coated with film through a gap between the glue applicator and the work roll, and then passed through a platform heated by steam. Solvent volatilizes, the adhesive layer is retained.

(2) roller coater. Instead of a drying table, there is a hollow metal roller heated by steam.

(3) vertical or inclined dipping machine. After the textile is dipped in glue, the excess glue on the surface is scraped off by the coating knife and the press roll. The solvent is then volatilized through a vertical or inclined drying table, and the adhesive layer is retained.

(4) the desktop coater sprays the glue or paint onto the material through air pressure. The equipment adopts three axis linkage, automatic operation, and equipped with computer programming control path spraying. Spraying thickness and time can be set, easy to operate.

Dipping machine is a machine instead of manual application. Also called automatic glue spraying machine, automatic glue spraying machine, glue spraying machine and so on.

Applicable liquid of glue dipping machine:

All kinds of solvents, adhesives, paints, chemical raw materials, glue sticks, etc. Including silica gel, EMI conductive glue, UV glue, AB glue, dry glue, epoxy glue, sealant, hot glue, grease, silver glue, red glue, solder paste, heat dissipation paste, welding resistance, transparent paint, screw fixer, woodworking glue, anaerobic glue, acrylic glue, anti-wear glue, crystal glue.

Application of glue dipping machine:

Mostly used for toys (bonding, fixing, wiring, insulation); Sealed package; Leather bag; Small household appliances, wires, connectors, connectors; Audio and video frames; The label; Fixed hardware; Bonding and fixation of small paper products; Trinkets, crafts, hairpins, water balloons, etc. Fixation, bonding and insulation of electronic products; Other manual or semi-automatic applications requiring glue.

So how to effectively maintain the large glue dipping machine?

If the glue machine is clean, there is the key to roller cleaning. Cleaning frequency is not only related to the use of smooth and convenient, but also related to the service life of cots. So cleaning the camp bed is very necessary, need to do is to clean the console. Sometimes the glue will splash when making, which will inevitably hurt the control console, and the sticky glue above is not good for operation.

Every machine has a power system. The more lubrication, the more power is retained and the less the machine wears out.

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