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Some of the relevant knowledge of dipping machine

Some of the relevant knowledge of dipping machine


First, what is the reason for the gum back of the glue dipping machine?

The dipping machine is very convenient for some products that need to be glued and sealed, but sometimes we will encounter the slow speed of glue, "glue", crusting or vulcanization. What causes this?

Glue is produced by uneven mixing of colloid, characterized by slow curing or local white strip. It may be that the branch pipe is blocked, or the static mixer has not been cleaned for a long time, resulting in poor glue flow. Loose scales, glue feeding speed is not uniform. It is also possible that the extrusion ability of the replaced product is poor and the equipment is not suitable, which needs us to adjust.

Attention should be paid to the use of glue, because glue is easy to cause condensation and blockage, so after each use or before replacing the product to clean, can not have residual glue affect the next use effect.

Two, the operation process and method of the dipping machine

1. Glue tank melt glue system

Adjustment of the distance between the transition roller and the roller: first determine the thickness of the film to be coated; Then find two pieces of wood or cardboard of the same thickness and place them on the lower cot (one on each side). Adjust and fix plate thickness adjusting bolts.

Rubber roll gap adjustment bolt is used to adjust the gap between the rubber roll and the slider on both sides to prevent glue leakage.

2. Plate conveying system

Adjustment of conveyor belt deviation: loosen the conveyor belt adjustment screw, move the conveyor belt to the middle of the roller (except the middle limit wheel), lock the conveyor belt adjustment screw, and tighten the conveyor belt quickly. Start the inverter and adjust the conveyor belt while rotating. If the conveyor belt is offset to the left, tighten the left adjustment screw or loosen the right adjustment screw; If the conveyor belt is offset to the right, tighten the right adjustment screw or loosen the left adjustment screw.

Three, the operation panel and operation instructions

1. Press the host to start, the host automatically heats up, and the temperature of roller temperature control table I is set at 80-90. The temperature of the glue tank is set according to the actual melting point of the glue (generally around 160).

2. Press the motor start switch when the heating temperature is reached. (When the preset temperature is exceeded, the overtemperature alarm light will turn on and give an alarm)

3. Adjust the speed of cots and conveyor belts.

4. If the glue is not uniform, it can be adjusted by the glue regulating block.

5. Plate thickness adjustment bolt adjusts the distance between upper and lower rollers to meet the needs of various materials.

Notes for attention in the use of glue dipping machine at high temperature:

The working temperature is very harmful to the reflection of foaming polyurethane, reflective acceleration at high temperature, so it is easy to appear sealing rubber strip surface black spots, internal bubbles, sealing rubber strip and workpiece surface adhesion shrinkage, joint can not be combined, the head internal super glue reflection pollution mixing room environment and a series of problems.

Therefore, please refit or turn on the air conditioning for the glue immersion room, and control the room temperature at 23 degrees, and pay attention to the wind frequency. Try to face the barrel and part of the circulation system pipe, do not blow directly on the console. After the workpiece to be produced and processed is transported from the high temperature outdoor to the temperature controlled gluing room, it is recommended to be placed for more than one hour, and then refrigerated to the indoor temperature and then gluing, to prevent overheating of the workpiece from causing harm to the reaction rate; In addition, because the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large after the air conditioning is opened, it is very easy to produce condensed water in the pneumatic valve pipeline, so for dryer equipment, it is also important to pay attention to the daily drainage pipeline.

Naturally, some customers consider the field standard, can not meet the temperature requirements.

If your machine equipment in the case of normal head adjustment of the above problems, Z effective and strongly required solution is to modify or turn on the air conditioning, the indoor temperature control within 23 degrees.

If your installation is in a wide production shop with no air conditioning, or if the gluing room is too large for the air conditioning to cool down completely, you can reduce the mixing speed of the nose to 2000 RPM.

You can contact us for more information about the glue dipping machine.

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