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The preparation method and process of demoulder

Demold machine in the field of heavy bamboo processing, generally bamboo impregnated into the mold, with hydraulic press, a large number of fluffy bamboo pressed into block. At this time, because the bamboo block is integrated with the mold, it is not simple manpower to take the bamboo block out of the mold. Usually needed for demoulding equipment. At present, other industries have more demoulding equipment, other industries have some metal tube can be removed from the mold equipment, but the structure is complex, often not suitable for heavy bamboo industry. Now, it is often manually broken on both sides of the mold with heavy bamboo square wood, with electric hoist and other machines to lift out the heavy bamboo square wood. This will lead to mold deformation, seriously affect the use of the mold, sometimes accidentally removed heavy bamboo square will also produce quality problems, so the following to understand the preparation method and process of the demoulder!



The demoulding machine has a rack, can be placed on the rack to transport the work table, and used for lifting the heavy bamboo square wood demoulding chuck device, high degree of automation, demoulding efficiency improved. However, the demoulding structure needs to be removed in advance in use, so the working procedure increases and the workload increases.

The demoulder is realized by the following technical solutions:

The demoulding machine comprises a loading platform for placing a mold on the rack and conveying it; In the conveying direction of the objective table on both sides along the horizontal direction positioning mould vertical baffle, formed by two vertical baffle and objective table trough type pathway, is at the top of the tank type access flap with up and down along the direction positioning mould level, it is the top of the tank type access, with baffle pin cylinder block, it is set along the conveying direction of the side of the stripping machine, The unnailed cylinder block is provided with a holding unit, which comprises a lifting cylinder for controlling the lifting of the clamping frame and a holding cylinder arranged on both sides of the clamping frame; And a press plate connected with the piston rod of the nail discharging cylinder, a guide wheel horizontally arranged on the left and right sides of the press plate, a guide piece arranged on the lower surface of the press plate, a push rod for removing the pin from a mold connected with the press plate, and a cover for clamping with the press plate and the push rod

Therefore, before the mold is put into the machine, it is not necessary to remove the pin which plays a fixed role in advance. The mold which is put into the pin and the square wood is directly put into the machine, and the pin is removed through the out-of-stock component of the machine first, and then the demold operation is carried out, so as to add the function of the machine, improve the degree of automation, effective

The stripper is provided with a pin box that accepts the pin, two sprockets arranged in the front and rear direction of the channel, a chain bracket arranged at the bottom of the channel, and at least one of the two sprockets installed on the chain wheel and chain bracket is a driving wheel. The clamping frame is also provided with a synchronous shaft, a gear is arranged at both ends of the synchronous shaft, and a rack under the synchronous shaft is provided with a clamping rack of the gear. Mentioned in the clip frame lifting pulley, also has rack have erection of the woodwork and supporting on the top of the object stage door sill pillar, described in above the inside of the post with a lifting pulley card of guide way, also includes compressive bar and compressive bar hub compressive bar hoff used to connect to the above mentioned in lift cylinder piston rod and clamp frame, compressive bar set is described above clamping frame below; The pushing rod action surface is a cross section with a plurality of continuous "number" shape; An electromagnet is arranged inside the pressure rod.

A stripper, as a preferred method of the above method, comprises: a shelf rod assembly, which comprises: Used to provide a temporary retention is the clamping block clamp and the position of the lift of the wood pole, is used to control the shelf of telescopic cylinder, used to install the shelves of the cylinder rack cylinder bracket push rod components including used to launch placed in a temporary place and used to install the wood of the push rod cylinder push rod cylinder push rod cylinder block.

The demoulding machine as a fixed part must be removed before removing the mold, and the demoulding operation can be carried out only after the pin is removed. Stripping into heavy bamboo wood mould was shipped cargo platform, by lifting cylinder control, reduce the position of the clamping frame, clamp block at the same time also become low, right down to the same as the heavy bamboo wood level position, clamping cylinder action mold by horizontal baffle spacing function cannot ascend, heavy bamboo wood in under the action of lifting cylinder from mould, heavy bamboo wood was promoted to the air, and then, The feeding rod protruded forward under the action of the feeding cylinder to provide a temporary position for the heavy bamboo square wood. Then, start the clamping cylinder, loosen the clamping block, and place the above heavy bamboo square wood on the stocking rod. Then, start the push-out cylinder, push out the heavy-duty bamboo and wood square, press into the square wood handling device or the square wood carrier, you can move the square wood. This is relative to the previous Chinese material is not moving, material delivery slider appears in the embedded device below the technology, that is, the expansion of the control rod body is not only more efficient than the control of large slider access, and the action with the time window is also wider, not only improve the efficiency, but also improve the accuracy of alignment.

The above is the preparation method and process of demoulding machine, if you need to know more, please feel free to contact us!

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