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The technical realization of demoulder

Stripper test has a variety of sizes of prototypes, and need to manually center, inconvenient to operate. In view of the above problems, before the design of the demoulder test, the test pair was realized, bringing great convenience to the test, so the following to understand the technical implementation of the demoulder!



Demoulder technology implementation elements:

The demoulding machine is a demoulding machine that can accurately locate test molds and demoulding test pieces of various sizes.

The technical solution of demoulder to achieve the above purpose is as follows.

The demoulder consists of a demoulder, a positioning plate, a column, a slider, a spring, a control box, a control panel and a lead screw. The hole diameter of the two deformings is 155mm, and other deformings can be added in the middle of the two deformings. The diameter is 105 mm and they are bolted. The deformable form is fixed to the lead screw and demoulded as the lead screw descends. The following is fixed with a spring, the slider and spring are covered in the lead screw, and the positioning plate is covered in the lead screw, which can adjust the height of the positioning plate. The hole in the positioning plate was 165mm in diameter and was used to locate the Marshall specimen. Other positioning plate can be added to the positioning plate, the diameter is 115mm, they are fastened with bolts, respectively relative to the admission ticket type diameter is 152.4mm, 101.6mm. The diameter of the column is 95mm, and a ring plate is also installed on the column. The outer diameter is 145mm, respectively corresponding to the diameter of the trial type is 101.6mm, 152.4mm.

The specific embodiment of the demoulding machine further explains the patent of the invention in detail:

The demold machine placed the test piece on the column, adjusted the height of the positioning plate, and embedded the Marshall test piece into the positioning hole for positioning. The control panel can control the screw drop, rise and stop, fix the screw drop off the template, make the template move down. After removing the template and approaching the front end of the Marshall mold, press the stop button, fine tune the Marshall test piece according to the aperture, align, and press the start button. This step is omitted for demoulding. After demoulding is complete, the sliding and spring system of the test sheet can also be removed and the height can be adjusted according to the demoulder. As the demoulder is pressed down, the height of the spring drops, the positioning plate drops down, and the demoulding is completed.

Technical characteristics of stripper:

Stripper by the stripper plate, stationary plate, columns, the slider, spring, control box, control panel, screw, two pieces of stripper plate hole diameter of 155 mm, is set in the middle of the two pieces of stripper plate have other stripper plate test piece of asphalt mixture with detacher positioning plate characteristics is stripping device fixed on the screw, and along with the lead screw stripping down, The stripper positioning plate can be embedded in a slider to adjust the height of the positioning plate. The hole in the positioning plate was 165mm in diameter and was used to locate the Marshall specimen. Other positioning plates can be installed on the positioning plate. The diameter is 115mm, they are bolted down, the strut is 95mm in diameter, and there is a ring plate on the strut. The outer diameter is 145mm and the inner diameter is 95mm.

A stripper for asphalt mixture test sheets is characterized by a positioning plate that can easily position the Marshall test sheet and by a slider and spring system that can adjust the height to accommodate the stripper. As the stripper is pressed down, the spring height decreases and the stripper process is completed.

The above is the technical implementation of demoulding machine, if you need to know more, you can feel free to contact us!

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