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Application of golf equipment?

Golf equipment, more popular in the world, classic and well-known hatchbacks, needless to say, really variable intake engine technology, dual airbags, electronic anti-theft, anticollision beam body adopts tilt door, increase the collision area, before and after the frame is made of thick steel plate structure, steel plate with double galvanized steel car body, car cavity filling wax, these new technologies further illustrates the value of it. The front suspension is Macpherson style and the rear suspension is torsion bar beam style.



Regardless of the simplicity of this suspension system, the overall performance of golf equipment is hard, soft and tough. The author prefers stiffer suspension. At the expense of some comfort, the immediate feel of the road puts the car in your own hands, and the controls are more direct. Golf equipment handling and comfort is always a double-edged sword. In theory, this is the German style. Entering the corner at about 60 kilometers an hour. The return journey is fast and the return direction is accurate. The steering features were ideal, but the Hankook tires squealed a little unconfidently.

Problems that can easily occur in warranties. Golf equipment water temperature sensor: if the cold car repeatedly can not catch fire, and the cold car idling speed is high, please check the water temperature sensor. Golf equipment even if the computer test tells you it is a "casual failure" insist on replacing it during the warranty, I heard the maintenance workers say occasional failure is acceptable, so the water temperature sensor was replaced out of warranty at their own expense. Oxygen sensor: If the automatic transmission sees higher upshift revolutions, slower growth, and increased fuel consumption, check the oxygen sensor (located on the exhaust pipe under the vehicle, one in front and back of the three-way catalytic converter).

If you pay for the replacement yourself, the parts themselves will cost more than 1,800 yuan. A shortcoming that is easily overlooked. The four levels of the air conditioning fan (the first gear with higher wind speed) burn the fuse, or the vibration is serious. The golf equipment is because few people use the four levels of the air conditioning fan for a long time, so sometimes there is no need to attract attention. Luckily, I found it a month before the warranty. Later, I replaced three domestic blowers (I believe all the new cars mentioned are domestic blowers), but I rejected them due to severe vibration. Domestic blowers used by Volkswagen are of poor quality. The fan impeller and motor shaft are badly misaligned, causing the steering wheel and throttle brake pedal to feel violent vibration in the third and fourth gear, which feels like sitting on a motorcycle or tractor. Later, at my insistence, the repair center ordered an original imported blower, which was much quieter and more stable than the domestic blower (later, I was sad about the domestic blower for a long time). Woofer (used for honking) Not a loud horn).

If you pay for it yourself, you can live at home instead. The wipers in the back make an unusual noise, and the wipers are not clean, so it's no problem to wipe back. After the windshield wiper arm was replaced, the abnormal noise disappeared. The bolts of rocker arm with small support of front wheel stabilizer bar are broken, and the brake stops when backing up. If a maintenance worker removes any bolts during maintenance, he must tighten them with a torque wrench to avoid breaking them. After I lubricated the part at the service station, I found that the bolt was broken.

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