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The process of making a fishing rod from a fishing rod equipment


The process of making a fishing rod from a fishing rod equipment

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2017/09/07 02:15
You must be familiar with the rod, but are you aware of how the rod is produced?  Therefore, before using the rod equipment, the first thing we must do is understand the process of making the rod. Next, Let's tell you the process of making the rods from your fishing rod equipment:
First, cut the cloth to the size you need, and cut the cloth to the mold with a soldering iron and roll it on the reeling machine. If the multi-layered cloth is to be pressed several times.
Second, the crimped mold is placed on a horizontal winding machine for winding, and the wound mold is hung into the curing oven and baked .
3. After the curing oven is baked, take out the cured rod and remove the mold from the core removal machine. You will get the fish-pig capillary tubing, and strip the Bopp from the boiled fish on the taping machine .
4. Cut the length of the hair-cutting bar that has been stripped of the Bopp tape on the cutting machine and remove both ends. The cut rods are ground and polished on a water mill. Some high-end fishing rods also require fine polishing on a non-woven machine and fine grinding of the hoe on a refiner .
5. The grinded rods are used for pulling paint. Lacquer paints are usually drawn on the rods using a pull paint box. The rods are pulled to make the fittings. The epoxy glue may be used for the assembly. At this time, an epoxy machine is required. For assembly.
In the above, The process of making fish roe from fish roe equipment was introduced. The quality of the roe depends on the cost of the production of roe roe equipment. The process of making roe roe deer is understood. The friend who chooses the roe roast equipment is not very enthused. Come Buy it!

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